As a Vorarlberg regional supermarket, a "Laendlemarkt", Sutterlüty is traditionally closely linked with the region. Founded in 1952 in Egg in the Bregenzerwald area, the family business today employs more than 700 outstandingly trained employees in 23 branches, 17 restaurants, an own bakery, a butcher’s and an own meat processing operation.

In 2010 the company was able to generate a turnover of 101 million Euro, around 30 percent of which came from domestic products. On the one hand, the world’s largest range of regional products makes Sutterlüty a world champion for regional foodstuffs and groceries and, on the other, a reliable partner for some 1,500 farmers and businesses from Vorarlberg and the neighbouring region of Lake Constance.

With Sutterlüty’s, the company’s own brand, the Vorarlberg supermarket has succeeded over the years in putting together a broad range of “b’sundrig” – or exceptional – foodstuffs from the region, the likes of which can otherwise only be bought directly from the farm nowadays. As the first regional own brand in the premium segment, Sutterlüty’s makes an important contribution to the preservation of the Vorarlberg culture of epicurean pleasure, to the protection of agricultural structures and to the safeguarding of small, family businesses. In the process, Sutterlüty cooperates with partners for whom environmental protection, animal welfare and social commitment are as important as they are for the Vorarlberg "Laendlemarkt". The declaration “From the region. For the region.” brings with it many advantages, including short transportation routes and the reduction of unnecessary CO2 emissions.

However, regionalism and sustainability doesn’t just stop at the range. In the construction of new branches, Sutterlüty also relies on Vorarlberg architects, domestic materials and craftsmen from the region. All new buildings are constructed as energy-saving buildings, which manage without fossil fuels and which are characterised by having the lowest possible electricity consumption.

Sutterlüty undertakes all of this with the deepest conviction and with the major goal of being the supermarket with the smallest ecological footprint by 2020.
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