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are in their third generation of ownership with 6 hotels in Austria and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Hotel Schwärzler in Bregenz and Hotel Neutor in Salzburg are two city hotels geared to cultural and city tourism as well as business- and seminar travellers. Furthermore there are four family hotels: Hotel Scesaplana and Hotel Lagant in Brand in the Brandnertal, Hotel Mateera in Gargellen in the Montafon and Hotel Gorfion in Malbun in Liechtenstein.

It is already 9 years since the fam – mehr familie mehr urlaub initiative was established by the Schwärzler family. This carefully reasoned holiday concept takes into consideration the needs of the whole family as well as those of each individual. All fam hotels particularly concentrate on shared experiences in nature giving the families the opportunity to make up the time lost in hectic everyday life and enjoy valuable quality time together. This is in contrast to most of the family hotels where the focus is on separating parents and children to enable a relaxing holiday. The fam imagination workshop creates space and time for children to experience nature with all their senses. Children explore the countryside together, get to know animals at close range and discover the secrets of the forest. Our approach is to bring thereby nature and its variety nearer to our children, so that our children learn to recognize the importance of protecting the nature and animals.

Schwärzler Hotels employ approximately 170 employees. The Schwärzler Academy was subsequently set up by the company. We believe that employee development is a continuous process of preserving and improving the qualifications which our employees need to face the challenges of the present and the future. Special attention is given to apprentices.

We are committed to ensuring that the holiday of the future will be characterised by the selection of more energy-saving forms of transport, hotels which produce less waste, need less energy and use more regional produce, as well as the decision to make shorter trips and longer stays.

More than anything the use of regional produce can - as in all predominantly agricultural regions - make a significant contribution towards safeguarding jobs and the regional economy. Regionality is one of the key values of the concept for tourism of Vorarlberg.

There is enormous potential for the desired synergy effects which can be achieved by reducing or avoiding long-distance transport routes, often across the length and breadth of Europe, and by supporting endangered jobs in agriculture or in manual professions and trades.

The increased use of regional products in tourism can easily go hand-in-hand with nature protection. Thanks to the demand for biological and organic products, pesticide and fertiliser use was drastically reduced. The results: the number of species and the area of original natural 'Kulturlandschaft' have increased.

Because greater sustainability of the tourism product i.e.more regional products, less noise and emissions, less waste and unpurified sewage - means the creation of jobs and quality of life for the local population, and an improved quality of holidays for the guest. Sustainability and quality in tourism are two sides of the same coin.

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